Гражданско наблюдение на парламентарни избори 2016 Първи тур



15.09.2016 г.

The President of Bulgaria is the head of the Republic and one of the institutions of state power. He is directly elected by voters for a mandate of 5 years, renewable once.

The president represents the state in international relations, concludes international treaties, provides Bulgarian citizenship, appoints high level public officials, implements the right of amnesty, schedules elections and referendum, exerts control over the legislative activity of the National Assembly through the right of postponement veto. The president is the high commander in chief of the military services of the state.

Transparency International – Bulgaria conducted the first civil monitoring of the presidential elections in Bulgaria in 2001 and 2006. These two earlier initiatives shed light over the need for improving the transparency and publicity in the activities of the candidates in the campaign for president and vice-president, particularly in regard to the financing of the campaigns.

In 2016 TI-Bulgaria implements monitoring over the presidential elections in November 2016 with a network of over 100 independent civil observers.

21 candidate pairs have been registered in the campaign for president and vice-president.

The civil monitoring implemented by Transparency International – Bulgaria covers two key dimensions:

The first places the emphasis on the monitoring of the financing of the campaigns of the candidates. The monitoring covers official documents, as well as monitoring over their campaigns in the media.

The second line of activity emphasizes the monitoring during the election day at the level of district and precinct election commissions. This particular activity aims at registering any possible irregularities and illegal actions, jeopardizing the electoral and political freedoms of the Bulgarian citizens and the transparency and democracy of the process. Irregularities are registered in a single database, which can be accessed in the section: Our Campaign.