Гражданско наблюдение на парламентарни избори 2016 Първи тур

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Monitoring of Institutions

15.09.2016 г.

Monitoring of the institutions is one of the key elements of the monitoring of the Presidential Elections and National referendum 2016, conducted by Transparency International-Bulgaria. It is part of the overall process of independent civil monitoring and encompasses:

  • Monitoring over the activities at national level, which are engaged in the preparation and conducting of Presidential Elections and National referendum 2016 – electoral administration (Central Election Commission), Ministerial Council, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Prosecutor’s Office, National Audit Office, Council for Electronic Media;
  • Monitoring over the activities of institutions at local and regional level, functioning on the territory of the 28 largest municipalities – regional centres in Bulgaria – District Election Commissions, Precinct Election Commissions, Municipal administration, Regional governors;
  • Monitoring over the financing of election campaigns of registered parties, coalitions, initiative committees, who have proposed presidential candidates;
  • Monitoring during the election day, implemented in partnership with non-governmental organizations – partners at local level in all parts of the country.

Key issues that are the focus of attention of observers on the election day:

  • Buying of votes/control and pressure over voters;
  • The work of Precinct Election Commissions, including handling of ballots, handling of voter lists, registering observers and party proxies;
  • The work of the District Election Commissions, including registering of complains, taking corrective measures against irregularities, providing of information regarding the electoral process;
  • The work of the representatives of the Ministry of Interior in securing public order.