Гражданско наблюдение на парламентарни избори 2016 Първи тур

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Monitoring of Institutions

Monitoring of the institutions is one of the main elements of the forthcoming elections observation. It will be implemented by Transparency International – Bulgaria as part of a broader initiative for independent civil monitoring: Monitoring of the activities of the institutions responsible for the preparation and conduct of the elections (main instrument for monitoring and evaluation of their efforts will be the Roadmap to the Electoral Process); [...]


The President of Bulgaria is the head of the Republic and one of the institutions of state power. He is directly elected by voters for a mandate of 5 years, renewable once. The president represents the state in international relations, concludes international treaties, provides Bulgarian citizenship, appoints high level public officials, implements the right of amnesty, schedules elections and referendum, exerts control over the legislative activity of the National Assembly through the right of postponement veto. The president is the high commander in chief of the military services of the state. [...]


Here you can find and download all analyses and reports prepared as part of the initiative.


In this section you will find video and other promotional materials for our campaign.

Report violation


Submit a signal for any activity identified by you and related to vote-buying or other attempts at illegal influence and control on the free will of the voters! You can report a signal by calling the toll-free line of Transparency International – Bulgaria – 0800 11 224 or email us at alac@transparency.bg

Transparency International – Bulgaria and the Civil Coalition for Monitoring of the Electoral Process ensure that your anonymity will be guaranteed!

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